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Electrical Engineers & Planners

NS Engineering Associates Ltd with its vibrant integral units is bringing International standards with local competencies. Its vision of leading in Power Systems Engineering and Management Consultancy Services on the domestic market and enlargement of our capacity continuously is pushing the limits each time and paving way for more exciting things across Uganda.


NSEAL, a consultancy services firm founded in September 2012, provides Power System Engineering Services exclusively via highly qualified Engineers. We are one of the leading consultants in Uganda with high-value Consulting, Engineering and Project Management Services to the power industry, working on both new Assets and Retro –fitting existing power facilities in the supply chain from Generation through High Voltage Transmission and down to Distribution (both Medium and Low voltages).

We particularly pride ourselves in having special knowledge of the environment that we operate in, that way ensuring that focus is placed on delivering “Sustainable Engineering Solutions”.
With the promise shown already, NSEAL is sure of joining some big names in the market in its pursuit of excellence in the near future

Quality Leadership

The executive management has developed the Vision, Mission, Core Values and Quality Policy and Quality Objectives as part of the leadership process.


To lead in Power Systems Engineering and Management Consultancy Services on the domestic market and enlarge our capacity continuously

To deliver Sustainable Engineering Solutions in the value chain from concept, through design, Engineering, Planning, Implementation and Commissioning while maintaining our commitment to quality, safety, environment, economy and timely delivery.


Core Values

Quality Assurance
Our quality assurance and management system is based on the key principles of managing projects in a controlled environment and this shall form a basis for all our outputs to meet ISO requirements and client specifications.



Quality Education in an International University

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), established  in 1979, is an international state university offering  internationally recognized English medium undergraduate  and graduate degree programs.EMU is rightfully very proud of her many years of service  as the flagship of higher education in the country  and the wider region.
NSEAL is the Official Agent of Eastern Mediterranean University in Uganda and Africa


From engineering management advisory services to technical and value for money audits; from project formulation/appraisal to feasibility studies, we provide expertise in fields ranging from engineering to the environment. Explore below the full range of our service offering:

NS Engineering Associates provides electrical mechanical installation design and construction supervision services for a wide range of buildings and factories. We are cognizant of new innovations in technology and the need to keep pace with the state of the art trends in this fast changing area. As such, it is our company policy to have representation at the prestigious annual Mideast Electricity Distribution Workshop in Dubai..

NS Engineering Associates provides an initial environmental review and auditing service to clients who wish to have their environmental management and monitoring programs critically appraised for relevance, comprehensiveness and credibility.

We undertake environmental auditing assignments as part of a team to complement technical and safety auditors, or solely in the case of environmental reviews of small projects. The aim of the environmental audit is to provide management with information that confirms that their environmental programs meet corporate goals, and assesses compliance with regulatory authorities, company policies and standards.

NS Engineering Associates provides complete cost estimating services to virtually all sectors of the power engineering sector. We prepare detailed estimates for new construction and remediation. We have up to date access to costs in specific specialty areas and regions around the the territorial boundaries of Uganda.

In addition to serving contractors with the preparation of detailed construction estimates, NS Engineering Associates provides estimate review and analysis services to owners and lenders seeking verification of project estimates and/or confirmation of project costs.

Clients turn repeatedly to NS Engineering Associates for our innovative economic analysis, real-world grounding, and demonstrated ability to deliver useful and timely results. Our seasoned experts use cutting-edge tools and methods in our analyses to help clients craft practical solutions to complex issues.

NSEAL's associates carry out in-depth analyses for a potential power engineering project that look at the complete picture of the costs required to complete a project as well as the potential benefits of completion. We retain a multi-disciplinary consultancy resource which can provide complex studies, which are crucial in ensuring project success.

Our ability to execute credible feasibility studies is demonstrated by our associates’ reputation in the engineering world. We have done multiple feasibility studies, power costing studies, audits and due diligence reviews that have assisted several institutions in making key investment decisions.

Under this service, NS Engineering Associates formulates a work plan or programme subsequent to reconnaissance and preliminary project design which may encompass such features as location, type of participants, main activities, organizational structure, and management system.

We fully describe the project and lay down it’s costing, together with a proposed financing plan. We analyze the expected results to determine possible project effects and impacts prior to documentation of the project.

Our associates then take the very important step of evaluating the financial, economic, and social objectives of the project; verifying the procedures of the project formulation team; recommending the conditions which will ensure that the project objectives are met; and ensuring that the proposed grant/loan/expenditure is in accordance with the policy of the financing institution.

Here we carry out one or several of the following depending on the needs of the project:

1. Monitor the service provider’s overall performance on site inclusive of planned     maintenance and reactive work. Where performance does not meet the required     standards obtain details and program for rectification

2. Attend regular meetings with the client and contractor representative to review     performance, additional works, health and safety matters, financial issues and     landlord/tenant matters

3. Ensure that the contractor complies with best practice and their obligations in relation to     the engineering services and assets

4. Advise on sub contractor performance including suitability for performing the tasks;     seeking alternatives where costs savings or enhanced service levels can be achieved

5. Advise on additional works, review the contractor quotations and ensure the works offer     value for money in line with market rates and following good trade practices

6. Ensure that the contractor properly establishes and maintain asset registers and     computerized planned preventative maintenance and asset management system

7. Review of existing plant and equipment replacement programmes, long term costing,     lifetime cycles and associated budget requirements 

NS Engineering Associates seeks to promote better value for money by highlighting and demonstrating to audited bodies ways in which they could make improvements to realise financial savings or reduce costs; guard against the risk of fraud, irregularity and impropriety; provide a better quality of service; strengthen and enhance their management, administrative and organizational processes; and achieve their aims and objectives more cost-effectively.

Under this service, NS Engineering Associates gathers the diverse views of the residents of the project area, regulators, politicians and other stakeholders etc that will influence the project's operation. In this area, our competencies span the following aspects:

*    Issue identification and stakeholder strategy
*    Negotiation of project-specific terms of reference
*    Environmental planning and comparison of options
*    Project optimisation and impact assessment
*    Reports: project inception, impact assessment, baseline, management and monitoring
*    Stakeholder consultation
*    Project approvals and permit conditions 

Arbitration or face-to-face negotiation enjoys growing popularity as the preferred option to a trial where two or more parties seek to resolve a dispute(s). NS Engineering Associates boasts expertise in the area of arbitration consultancy where the client need involves technically resolving disputes or using arbitration to settle a dispute. We draw from our pool of associates to deploy teams on a case by case basis to address resolution of disputes/arbitration needs that are of a power engineering nature.

Under this segment we offer the following;

*    Review of tender design and tender documents
*    Review and supervision of additional geotechnical investigations
*    Updating of tender design and tender documents
*    Tendering, evaluation, negotiations and contracting
*    Construction design and review/approval of E&M design
*    Construction management, contract administration, construction and erection       supervision
*    Assistance during commissioning and defects liability period 

NS Engineering Associates has developed and refined state of the art systems, procedures and specifications for the management and control of engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning for power projects. we provide project management of large complex power projects and programs for customers that include extensive engineering, environmental, procurement and construction to complete.

Available Personel

NSEAL relies exclusively on its highly qualified engineers with a specialty in power engineering to provide power systems engineering services that set us apart as one of the leading consultants in the region. 


Eng. Norbert SEMITALA Bsc Eng (Hons), Dip EPDS, MSc Eng, MBA (Finance), R Eng,

Managing Director 

Norbert is an Electrical Engineer by profession with specific bias in Power systems, holder of a BSc. Eng. (honours), an MSc. Eng. degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA (Finance) degree, all from Makerere University, Kampala. He also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Electric Power Distribution Systems from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway.

With over 25 years working experience, he served in various capacities in the Uganda Electricity Board, Norplan AS Consulting Engineers and Planners and worked in Oslo as Senior Consultant and Uganda as Senior Consultant Engineer; Manager of the Power and Renewable Energy Division. He also worked for the Electricity Regulatory Authority, as the Director, Technical Regulation. He is currently the Managing Director/Lead Consultant of NS Engineering Associates Ltd, providing Electrical Engineering and Management Consultancy Services. The non-exhaustive table below shows our network of associates.

Other Associates

Eng. Dr. Vincent KasangakiAssociate Senior Consultant/ Electrical Engineer, PhD
Eng. Wycliff JagweAssociate Consultant/ Electrical Engineer, Msc Eng
Eng. Muhamud SewaguddeAssociate Consultant/ Electrical Engineer, Msc Eng
Eng. Emmanuel LaguAssociate Consultant/ Electrical Engineer, Msc Project Management
Eng. Buge Hatibu WasioyaAssociate Consultant/ Electrical Engineer, Dip Electric Power Engineering and Management
Eng. Robert Fredrick Benjamin MubiruAssociate Consultant/ Electrical Engineer, MBA (University of Bradford, Bradford School of Business)
Eng. Nassaka Hanifah LubegaAssociate Consultant/ Environmental Engineer, Ms. Oil and Gas Engineering
Olivia NamutosiAssociate Consultant/ Social Analyst, Ms. Social Sector Planning and Management
Freda AdongAdministration, BA SS, PGD (HRM)
John Martin KewazaStatistician

We have several years of Experience

Relying exclusively on our highly qualified and experienced engineers with a specialty in power engineering, NS Engineering Associates Ltd provides power systems engineering services that set us apart as one of the leading consultants in the region.

Whom we have done work for

We are a Client focused organization. Our spirit a nd enthusiasm, innovative design solutions and an ability to respond and communicate with our clients are why we are reputable for excellence

November 2013 - December 2014

Umeme Limited

Project Management and Engineering Consultancy Services for Power Distribution Infrastructure Construction and Refurbishment
Location: Kawanda, Lugogo, Kitante (Kampala)

Survey and Detailed engineering design of 33kV Power lines, Engineering design, Project cost management

March 2013 - March 2015

Ferdsult Engineering Services Ltd

Turnkey Implementation of 635 kWp hybrid Solar Plant and Mini grid on Ssesse Islands on Lake Victoria
Location: Bugala Island, Ssesse Island Lake Victoria

Engineering designs and approvals, Construction supervision of works, Review and approve designs and drawings for general conformity

July 2014 - April 2015


Feasibility Study for the Proposed 220/400kV Masaka- Mbarara Transmission line projects
Location: Masaka- Mbarara

Construction of 220/400kV Masaka-Mbarara transmission line, substation extensions at Masaka west and Mbarara substations . 

July 2017 - March 2018

Private Sector Foundation Uganda

Development of interventions to scale up wiring installations across the country
Location: Kampala

Review of the certification process and to identify skilling avenues that could be followed to scale up the number of certified installation permit holders.

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